Helping Corporations Embed Accessibility in Their Culture

“Most corporations consider accessibility product by product. To be effective it needs to be embedded in their “business-as-usual” culture. Hear how to make that happen.”

  • Corporations have lots of pains when it comes to accessibility (a11y).
  • How most corporations do a11y: ignore it… then all hands on deck.
  • You need to fix the problem in the process, not the product to prevent it re-occuring.
  • When it comes to taking on the responsibility of accessibility it seems like it’s nobody’s jobs (marketing: not my job, finance: love to but I have no budget, developers: don’t have the requirements, etc.).
  • We need to get everyone involved and share the responsibility between all stakeholders, not just the “accessibility superhero”.
  • In Norway speeding drivers pay the fine to the drivers going under under speed limit – the speed camera became your friend (and possibly your career). That’s where accessibility needs to be.
  • WCAG 2 is good at getting you from point A to point B, turn left, turn right, etc. WCAG 2 is not good at: “Are we there yet?”
  • Make your product mould itself to one set of guidelines…
  • “Let’s build a better product… not just a compliant one” – good example from the OXO company designing inclusive products.

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