WCAG Best Practices: What About the Users?

This really hits home for me because we sometimes get bugged down in standards, guidelines & coding techniques and we tend to forget why we’re doing all this accessibility work. So, without further ado… “What about the users”?

The speakers worked a lot of accessibility goodness into their web projects (ARIA, proper roles, landmarks, etc.) only to discover these features are not being used. They took steps towards creating vendor-independent user guides to both help & educate users.

Discrepancy between WebAIM’s (screen reader survey) & their own survey (which they’ll make public) especially on the topic of advanced users – very high in WebAIM’s survey – approximately 65% (?).

Some of their findings:

  • multiple screen readers
  • most users have a
  • only 21% of users received formal training in screen readers
  • ONLY 1/3 familiar with landmarks
  • 60% are familiar and use headings for navigation
  • about the same for table navigation

Website exploration strategies (based on their survey):

  • 31% explore by landmarks
  • 80% use tab and arrow keys; same for headings headings
  • 44% bring up a links list

Another interesting finding: a large percentage of screen reader (SR) users do not have any formal training on using SRs and do not know and use any advanced features for website exploration & navigation.

Their goal: create a simple online user manual that explain how SR users can effectively navigate websites.

Survery will be available at easi.cc on May 2

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