web projects & presentations

ghiglione.ca — web design

accessible design evaluation, HTML5, CSS3, ARIA, progressive enhancement, mobile first, responsive web design

project URL: ghiglione.ca

"Accessibility & Responsive Web design" - come see it live at Accessibility Camp Toronto on Nov 17, 2012

screenshot of the ghiglione.ca website ahoqing responsive layouts

scotiabank — redesign

accessible design evaluations, web development, prototype audits, test plan strategy, coaching & training

HTML5, CSS3, ARIA, progressive enhancement

project URL: scotiabank.com

presentation: Accessibility Integration - A Success Story

screenshot of the scotiabank.com website redesign

ScotiaOnline — redesign

prototype audits against WCAG 2, technical accessibility consulting, testing strategy & execution

CSS, ARIA, progressive enhancement, jQuery

project URL: scotiaonline.scotiabank.com

screenshot of the Scotia Online website redesign, showing the log in page