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Ultimately the goal for the web accessibility industry is to make ourselves obsolete. What does that mean? Web accessibility should not be a specialization but rather just a skill all web professionals must have — and that's when accessibility can be business as usual. The only way we can achieve this is by transferring the knowledge & expertise from experts' heads and build it into your teams and project stakeholders.

Shall you decide to work with us, you will get our knowledge & expertise together with the services below.

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WCAG 2 & AODA Consulting

Web Accessibility Audits

Web & Mobile Strategies

Technical Solutions

WCAG 2 & AODA Consulting

"I don't understand how the AODA applies to my organization". "My team doesn't know WCAG 2". "How do I know when I'm compliant?". "What about reporting deadlines?". There's definitely a lot of confusion out there and frankly quite a few misunderstandings.

We can help you make sense of the requirements and separate the signal from the noise. Whether you represent a small or large, private or public organization the WCAG 2 requirements are the same for everyone, the only difference is in implementation and reporting deadlines.

Our expertise lies with the Information & Communications Standard — or simply put, the web accessibility component. Get in contact with me for a free consultation.

Web Accessibility Audits

We believe that a simple "Yes or No" WCAG 2 checklist is not very helpful, at best it tells you what you already knew; nor is pointing fingers at people or teams, almost always people have the best intentions. In our experience the best audits hit 2 clear targets: indicating accessibility violations AND proposing actionable solutions.

We conduct audits and evaluations that present a clear gap analysis AND actionable solutions. Our goal is for your project stakeholders to understand where the project stands and what exactly needs to be done.

Web & Mobile Strategies

Traditional knowledge says that smaller devices are harder to use, especially for people with disabilities. We actually believe that the explosion of mobile has been a fantastic step forward for accessibility. Don't think about a mobile device as just a desktop computer with smaller screen, think about all the features you never had on a desktop PC: touch gestures, accelerometers, gyroscope sensors, geolocation, etc.

The devices we used to access the web 5 years ago (the first iPhone was released in 2007) are as different as the ones we will use 5 years from now. Building web products for specific browsers or devices is just no feasible anymore. Our approach is to build with web standards that countless experts have developed. While not even this may be future-proof it is at least future friendly.

Technical Solutions & Remediation

Building accessible web properties is the easy part. The hard part is building accessible web properties on a legacy framework or older Content Management Systems (CMS) or with a team that does not have accessibility experience.

The technical accessibility challenges are usually tied to the technology stack being employed - an old CMS, legacy systems, outdated code, etc. We are fortunate that diverse projects presented these challenges to us early on and in turn we can help you with these challenges without reinventing the wheel. We can deliver technical solutions that are suited to your environment and specific to your technology stack.